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I am Tina Dalea, worked for Chatham for 17yrs. as deli clerk and deli mgr.
at stores, 32, 25, 35, 29, 45. After Chatham, I worked for Great Scott &
lastly Kroger. I am mow retired. I would like to tell you that we have a great
"Retiree Club" that meets at our union hall in Madison Heights on the
first Wednesday of each month at 11:00 am. Dues are $1.00 per month
and that includes lunch. All of our members are retirees from all
the grocery chains and we always have lot of fun.
Meetings usually last about 2 hrs. but members can stay and visit longer
if they want. Some months we have bingo, sometimes we have card games
after the meetings. In September we have the club's anniversary party,
and in December we have our Christmas party both with a delicious
catered lunch. Tickets for these two parties are $10 each but well worth it.

Tina Dalea
Warren, MI
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Hello Chatham Family ~     Return to list
I Would like to hear from Store 14 Co Workers. 1969 - 1985
I worked as a Bagger, Buggy Shagger, Stock, Cashier, Dairy, Produce..
at Stores 14, 22, 36, (#43) Trenton Store

Andy Swift
Riverview MI 48193
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Do you know if any of the Chatham television commercials still exist? One was filmed using my family's farm in the 70's. A few of our family members are curious if it is still out there. IF so, we sure would like to get a copy on tape or DVD... (??)

Thank you,
Jeremy Fischer
Phone: 586-709-1848
49625 Romeo Plank Rd.
Macomb, MI 48044
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I was a Faithful customer for years (we lived in Harper Woods and shopped at the store on Kelly Road in Detroit (#5). My brother was trying to recall who made a chocolate chip cookie that we loved to dunk in milk and enjoy when we were growing up in the 60's and 70's. He recalls that the cookies were packaged in a white bag. I remember that we often purchased Chatham brands, so I was wondering if they were the store brand? I would love to share either a name of the cookie or a photo of the packaged cookie with my brother. Would anyone know if these were Chatham brand cookies? Any chance of anyone having pictures of Chatham brand items from back then? (send pictures of them to show here on our web site)

Anna Cantlon
Faithful customer
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Email REPLY From Joe Connell:
   The store you shopped at was at 19700 Kelly & Woodland, store #5 which (if I am not mistaken) was very close to the 1st Original Chatham store on Kelly.

I seem to remember chocolate chip cookies in a white bag but do not know where they were made. I do not think they were a Chatham brand because the brand name used for Chatham sponsored products was STAFF and they were can goods or pre packaged box products. I will post your Question on our web site and also send a copy to the Weisbergs (the original owners of Chatham) and maybe we will find out the answer. I do believe "Mr Peter" would know... he *was the Father of Chatham (*passed away)

You and your family are welcome to join us at our next Chatham Reunion Picnic
at Veterans Memorial Park in Warren from 2pm-7pm All the info is listed (HERE)
and there is a Map Link on the page.

I am sure there will be many people who worked at Store #5 and the Weisbergs too !
      - Joe Connell

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I was vested by Chathams in 1976. I moved to California and worked at various jobs in retail clerk industry. When I moved back in 1982 I was told that no record remains of my being vested. I worked 18 years in this industry and now I want my pension. How do I find my vestment information as the meat cutters union has no record of me working or being vested in Michigan as a retail clerk ?

Madelyn Palmieri
1197 West Blvd
Berkley MI 49072
Phone: 586-354-3984
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