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Below we have a list started from our friends
with their comments and suggestions on our reunion and this web site.
Scroll down or click on a Name and read their comments
We welcome everyone and will TRY to implement as many as possible

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Tsuch     Return to list
Sorry I missed the reunion! I do have a couple of suggestions, though.
Alternate day....Saturday one yr, Sunday the next
Make the time earlier, say 1pm start...these are ideas not only from me but other people, too.
Can't wait to see the pics!
Hope all is well! Take care!

Linda (Tsuchiyama) Lesnau

   You might be right, the last 2 were on Sunday & you missed them both, so next year we need to make it a Saturday and 1pm sure would give us a little more time. (I am thinkin... 2009... 3rd or 4th Sat. in Aug. starting at 1:00pm) I will send out an email to everyone as soon as we have it set - Joe Connell
Dorene Weisberg     Return to list
Hi Joe,
Sorry I could not attend.
The weather was way too challenging for my allergies.
But I am glad you had such a nice turnout.
I wonder if you can get the next picnic posted in public notices of local newspapers.
You also might be able to get a little newstory in the Warren neighborhood newspaper,
about last Sunday's picnic in the rain. It could make a good story with your pictures.

Dorene Weisberg

   That is an Excellent idea... but we need someone to do it. I am NOT the person who would do it right, so if anyone out there could make it happen... we sure could use the exposure. And I have heard that News worthy stories are FREE, Thanks Dorene - Joe Connell
Sue Wild     Return to list
I have a suggestion... I suggest we have the picnic either at Metro or Stoney Creek..
(I think Metro would be closer) But there is more for the kids to do at one af the parks..
ex: Swimming, going to the beach, riding there bikes, and they also have ice cream shops..
It may cost a little more to rent one of the pavilions but collect money ahead of time
from everyone who will be attending...
I think we should also have it maybe in August.. when its still warmer outside!!!

Thats all.. Think about it!!

Sue Wild

   That is a good idea... but the location we have used for the past 3 years was all taken care of (register/payment) by Joan Stress who lives in Warren and to keep the FEE$ down (now only $50) I believe a Resident of the City/Town would get us a break. So if anyone in those areas (Metro or Stoney Creek) could make some calls, we could be there in Aug. 2009. Thanks Sue - Joe Connell (586) 739-2888
Angie Meredith     Return to list
Hi Joe:

Ron & I were trying to plan a visit back to Michigan for the Summer of 2009
– do you have any idea what the date of the “2009 Chatham Reunion” will be??

Enjoyed checking out the pictures – you are really doing a great job keeping the crowd together!!

Ron & Angie Meredith

Angie Meredith

   Not yet (as of 9/18/08) but I will send out an email to everyone as soon as we have it set - Joe Connell
Dennis Pelkey     Return to list
(not typed, spoken... to the best of my memory it went something like this...)

We need to all have Name Tags ! ! !

Dennis Pelkey

   ...and now we will...  ( see example HERE )
      yes I know you told me this last year... 8^) I do my best - Joe Connell
Kathy Hannan     Return to list
Great reunion - thanks so much Joe for your fantastic effort to keep the Chatham spirit "alive!"

As for those attending from my group there were:
Jim Hannan
Nancy Hannan
Theresa Keller
Kathy Hannan

We will be looking forward to pictures.

Kathy Hannan

   Thanks Kathy, I have added the names and you can see them on the "Reunion 2008" page listed as Check out Who Attended ? We don't have everyone yet (but it's only 9/18/08) - Joe Connell
Zina Skowronek     Return to list
Hi Joe,
Thanks for all your time and effort putting the reunion together.
Felix and I enjoyed ourselves. So good seeing old friends and co-workers.

How about next year having it in August?
(this year) It rained like a son-of-a-gun,
but that did not deter any of us from having a good time.

I think it should be mentioned that Joe Holman passed away recently.

Thanks again,

   Thanks for more Kudo's Zina, Once again August is suggested for 2009 and I believe it will be done... as soon as we have it set. Also thanks for the info about Mr. Joe Holman, so many of us knew him and he was a great guy to be a part of Chatham's, he WILL BE MISSED by all of us ! - Joe Connell
Joe Connell     Return to list
If you have NEVER been to one of our CHATHAM REUNION Picnics,
you have missed out on seeing so many old friends that we all worked with way back when...

WHY SHOULD YOU BE THERE, well all I can say is,
everyone there has been asking about YOU
and this is the only way to answer them.
So at least do me the favor of attending the next one
so they don't think I'm slacking off.

I will be there next year and hope to see all of my friends in our CHATHAM Family

        Joe Connell
Joe Connell
Connell Creations Unlimited
  (586) 739-2888
Shelby Twp., MI
and CSM WebSite Tech Support

   Time, some people have just too much of it to waste... - Joe's Clone #3 didn't think he was doing all of this alone did you?
     (and he has the nerve to use MY photo...)

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