Reunion 2008
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We want to Thank Everyone
for attending the 2008 reunion

The turn out was fantastic. Many people showed up even with the rain.
We did not count heads, but I believe there was as many as 80 to 100 people. We will have a full list here soon but due to the rain, we were unable to get everyone to sign in. So we need everyone who attended to send us an email "Subject: I was there" and our list will be complete.There are a few who are not able to get on the internet and do not have email, if you know someone who was there and their name is not on this list, send us an email so we can make our list complete.

Check out Who Attended ? (...not complete... 65 and counting ! )
If you were there and your name is missing or incorrect,
CLICK HERE to let us know ...just type your Name(s*) in the email
(*Spouse? everyone who was there, employee or not)
We have started thinking & working on NEXT YEAR
We already received a couple Ideas and think you will agree:
  • Have everyone Pre-Register so we know how many & Who will attend [DONE]
  • Have Name Tags with Name and Chatham Locations they worked at [DONE]
    . . . . and we need your Suggestions & Ideas too !!

  • NOTE: This is all made possible thanks to:
        Linda (Tsuch) Lesnaw, Joan Stress & Joe Connell !

    MORE TO FOLLOW SOON... come back often

    BTW... After everyone left in a rush...
    thanks to the typhoon winds (about 6:15pm)
    Mr. Marion Parker arrived...
    Dave White was still there and they chatted car to car. FYI

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    More photos will be added as they are received.
    Send your photo memories to

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