Reunion 2012
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Our 2012 Chatham Reunion was a Fantastic Success !!
Chatham Reunion 2012

We want to Thank Everyone for attending
Even though we forgot to ask, many people pitched in $ to help and Joan Stress was able to cover all her cost for the location. For those who would still like to donate to our Chatham Reunion, they can use my Secure PayPal system at A1 Video below

We have many Photos from our 1st 2012 Reunion Slide show (below)
Names will be added under the slideshow soon ...
But Help me out, Send Me the names missing w/ photo # & Name(s) to add

(Photos provided by: Joe Connell)
Controls are below the slide show ~ you can go to any one by number...
and if you want a Full Size photo to print, Email Me with the # and we will send you the original

Help us out, Send Me the ones you know who are missing w/# of photo & Name(s) to add
and if you want a Full Size one to print, Email Me with the # and I will send you the original

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MORE TO FOLLOW SOON... come back often
More photos will be added as they are received.
Send your photo memories to

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